Tech Ticker – October 17, 2017

“20130322-14-15-58” by 褒忠國中 雲端網 is licensed under CC BY 2.0

A Victoria B.C. highscool has banned cell phones

Alberta Health Services signed a whopping $459 Million Deal to improve some of it’s systems

A Drilling Company and the University of Calgary are partnering to launch a program design to spur innovation and efficiency in Alberta’s Energy Industry

Canada’s big telcos got some new spiffy Government contracts. First, Telus was awarded a $176 Million contract to convert the Canadian Government’s phone system to VOIP

Meanwhile, Bell and Rogers are splitting the Canadian Government new cell phone contract awarded

Goose Bay Ontario is going to be a test site for shipping commercial goods via Drones

Still with Netflix, here are some details on the $500 Million they are going to invest in Canada over the next 5 years

Russia is helping North Korea improve its Internet

Remember Google’s Internet Balloons? Well they are being deployed in Puerto Rico to help the Island’s devastated communications infrastructure

In Britain, OFCOM is making ISP’s responsible for delivering minimum internet speeds

Cool Internet Thing(s) of the Week

Build some rocketboots, win a Million Dollars? I’m In!

The Toronto Raptors will broadcast 1 game this season in Virtual Reality

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Tech Ticker – September 28th, 2017


Canada has the 15th (ish) fastest internet, on both Wired Landline and Mobile devices in the world according to a recent finding 

Speaking of fast internet, communities in Nunavut are getting a much needed boost 

Also with Internet Speeds, a new Transatlantic Cable, from a partnership between Facebook and Microsoft, is going to deliver 160 Terabits per second

In Edmonton, parking enforcement is going to be handled by car mounted and fixed cameras

Next Door in Saskatchewan, Sasktel has launched a program that lets people upgrade their iPhone for free…sort of

Facebook is taking measures to prevent any election interference for the next Canadian Federal Election in 2019

I don’t think many people will have a problem this: Chrome is set to prevent autoplaying videos in 2018

Also in Google, Gmail is finally converting phone numbers and emails to clickable links. Better late than never

Apple has advertisers in a tizzy as Safari may soon have new ad tracking restrictions

Meanwhile, some websites are exploring abandoning ads altogether, and using your computer or smartphone’s power to generate revenue. Um. What? ( Should out to Peter for sending this to me)

Weird/Cool Internet thing of the week 

We have smartphones, smartwatches. ARe you ready for Smart NBA Jerseys?

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Tech Ticker – September 14, 2017

8727332558_17cbde1e55_o (1)
“MacEwan University Edmonton” by Kevin M Klerks is licensed under CC BY 2.0

Obviously the big Edmonton Tech news last week was the Phishing scam at MacEwan, which cost the university over $11 Million.

Speaking of phishing scams, Wired has a good article on how to protect yourself ( and your millions of dollars)

An Edmonton Communications company is using it’s indigenous roots to drive more indigenous opportunities in the Local tech scene

A  City Councillor wants to build a Hyperloop Test Track in Calgary. Lets build 10!

Okay Apple Maps might not have the most sterling reputation, but Edmonton and Calgary Transit Information has now been added, which means you can use Siri to find a bus route for you! Thats pretty cool right?


The CRTC has put it’s foot down and ruled the Big Telcos have to sell their services to smaller ISPs at wholesale rates ( which means more competition for consumers)

Also in Ontario, the provincial government is offering to install smart thermostats in people’s homes as a way to fight climate change.

Congratulations to Telus, which now holds the title of ‘Fastest Mobile Network In Canada’

Audio Book Pick of the week

A new communications platform, which connects people around the globe almost instantaneously, changing industries, commerce, and society over the span of a generation. Sounds like The Internet right? Nope! This is the story of the Telegraph. The Victorian Internet By Tom Standage is my favourite book in quite some time. Highly recommended ( and it’s available as an audio book at Edmonton Public Library!


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Wednesday Tech Ticker – August 30th, 2017

Here is what caught my eye in Technology this week!

Drivewyze, Edmonton based Trucking Technology company, which is having a lot of success in the United States, company finally gets to offer it’s service in Alberta af

The Canadian Securities Commission is taking a closer at companies using BitCoin or other Cyber Currencies as a way to raise money

The CRTC teaming up with UK’s Information Commissioners office to battle unwanted telephone calls

On the internet, tiny glitches become big problems! No bigger example than that, when a small glitch By Google in Japan caused a massive internet outage

2 Years ago, the NYPD rolled out 36,000 Windows Phones to their members. Now, they need to replace them with iPhones. Doops!

Meanwhile in Canada: the RCMP were supposed to get a new unified email system in 2014. Understandably, they are somewhat tired of waiting, so they are going to build their own

The RCMP, waiting on a new email system

Google Maps will now help you find parking! HOORAY! Okay there are some caveats here! First ,you need an Android phone. Second, you need to be in 25 selected U.S. Cities. Hopefully though, this will be available in Canada soon!

Podcast Pick
On ‘Econtalk’ Russ Roberts chats with Benedict Evans about Electric and Autonomous Cars, and how they might change industries, transit and daily life. Little over an hour, and well worth your time!


Long Read 

Speaking of Automation, you’ve probably heard that Robots and AI are coming for your job. That might be true, or it might not be! Certainly wasn’t true for ATM’s! Wired Magazine has a nice feature on this.

 Awesome Internet thing of the week

Gyroscopic Cars that drive BETWEEN Traffic? Also, Drone Firetrucks? Giddyup! 


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WiBand Case Study – Alberta Truss Ltd.


The Client – Alberta Truss – Edmonton Based Manufacturer of pre-built and custom floor and roof trusses for residential, agricultural and commercial markets.

The Problem – If you thought your business didn’t have many options for Internet, you should see Alberta Truss facility! Sitting on a 17 Acre site between Edmonton and Sherwood Park, Alberta Truss was suffering on an internet connection that was giving them 2-3mbps download, and as little as .35 mbps upload. They needed a high capacity internet connection in order to meet the needs of their business. A key requirement was a fast upload speed, in order to property serve employees with remote access.

alberta truss_MAP

The Solution – WiBand Communications worked with Alberta Truss to deploy a Fixed Wireless 20mbps down/5mbps service. The service included Unlimited Data, 5 Static IP Addresses, 24/7/365 phone support and is scalable to meet the growing business and technology needs of Alberta Truss. The total time to deployment ( from order entry to final testing/activation) was 34 business days.

The Result – “The need to provide fast service to our customers is a top priority for us. Our employees needed a fast reliable connection to allow them a rapid turnaround and our old provider just couldn’t offer us a better solution. WiBand came in and allowed us the capacity to speed up our data rates, while assuring us no downtime during the transition. We couldn’t ask for a more trouble free installation and service and are more than happy with the data package they provided us. ” – Robert Stark, Production Manger, Alberta Truss Ltd.

Are you an Edmonton and area Business and need a better internet/network solution? Contact me here 

May 2017 Recap – The ‘WannaCry, 400mbps, Back On Twitter ‘ Edition

New Sign on my Lawn! NOTE: Sign did not include sneakers, cargo shorts or red lawnmower

Holy cow is it Mid June already? Time flies when you are having fun settling into a new house. I’ve finally achieved my dream of having my own compost pile, and I’ve got my ‘We Go Bagless’ sign from the city on my lawn! Still getting used to the quiet of not living in Downtown Edmonton. I’m excited for those bike lanes though! Bring on the Edmonton Bike Freeway for us ‘not quite in the core’ commuters!

It’s been busy at WiBand too! Here are some of the trends that I noticed in May:

1. Most popular Package – 50mbps down/10mbps upload with Unlimited Data.  While this is by no means our starter package,  it was my most popular amongst my new clients. This also comes with 5 Static IP Addresses!

2. Biggest project – Bonding two 200mbps download/200mbps upload connections. For this customer, they would be getting 400mbps download/400mbps upload speeds between the 2 redundant links, with an automatic failover in between. That means if 1 link gets cut, all the traffic is automatically routed to the other link. No disruption between the two. This client has a data centre, so having maximum uptime is mission critical to their business.

3. Firewalls – With the Wannacry attack in May, lots of business and organizations are taking a good look at their firewalls to make sure it has the tools to defend against threats. One thing I’ve been reminding most people is you can also prioritize voice traffic and filter content, in order to maintain maximum bandwith for business applications. At least you can if your Firewall is updated!

4. June Business Goals

  • Blog more ( you should see at least 2 more blog posts this month).
  • Get out to network more. I’ve already been to a couple events but i’m on a keen lookout for others. I’ll gladly take suggestions too!

5. OH i almost forgot!  I’ve signed back up for Twitter, so feel free to give me a follow at  I’ll be posting pretty much everything I do ( from Wiband Internet stuff, to artwork and Podcast things)  plus other nonsense! Best of all? My Twitter will be 100% POLITICS FREE.

Have questions about anything above, or would like to talk about improving your business internet/network? Drop me a line and I’d be happy do a consultation with you.

April 2017 Recap – The ‘New House, Flexibile remote site internet, Shared IP Automatic Failover, Picking the Brains of Commercial Property Managers’ Edition.


Hey! Ryan Getzlaf and Corey Perry! Get off my Garage!!!

April was a pretty exciting month at my household, not only due to the Oilers Playoff run, but because my wife and I moved into our first house! Everything with the move went well: No major hiccups, and other than some random painting and installing new smoke alarms ( the latter I accomplished with a  little luck and some handy Youtube Tutorials), we are settling in nicely.  Big thanks to Brandon and Jackie at Benchmark Mortgages for the great service on our Mortgage, Sonia Tarabay of RE/MAX Elite for getting us a BONKERS AMAZING Deal on our House, and Rick Morgenstern at Global Property Inspections for the great home inspection.  Also to our families, who chipped in a ton of time and muscle power to get us settled in.

Enough about me! Let’s talk about what problems I’ve been working with Edmonton and Area businesses on this month:

  1. Bandwidth at construction sites/yards. I spoke to a couple construction and industrial companies who have long and short term projects, where they have LTE Hubs installed, that don’t seem to be working that well for them, especially when they try to hook up a couple computers, a VOIP Phones and security cameras.
    The Solution – Flexible moves for Fixed Wireless.  I’ve worked out some very budget friendly fixed wireless options and put in amendments into the deal that lets the companies move equipment as required (with a bit of notice of course), in exchange for a longer term deal (which of course gets them the best monthly rate possible).
  2. Any sort of internet outage extremely costly to business.  This has become a regular topic of conversation. Whether it’s placing bids or keeping production rolling, it seems that more and more businesses don’t bend when the internet drops, it breaks. Outages are a fact of life.  Earlier this year, we saw Amazon and Azure both have outages, and in the last week of April, Shaw had a Canada wide outage. Summer is also a time of unfortunate fibre cuts with more construction, digging and drilling happen ( case in point, this fibre cut in Edmonton last year).
    The Solution – Shared IP Automatic Failover – When the Primary Internet connection drops, all incoming and outgoing traffic can be routed to a secondary internet connection automatically using the same IP Address as the primary. When the Primary comes back up, the traffic re-routes back to it. No manual or physical changes required, and no one inside or outside your office will notice a thing.

Biggest Surprise of April – Is how many businesses need bandwidth for Live Monitored Security Cameras.  I’ve had more conversations in April about Internet for cameras than I have in the 1.5 years I’ve been in this industry.

My April Business Goal – I’d like to pick the brain of a couple Commercial Property Managers this month, to hear about their challenges lining up tenants when they know their buildings don’t have much by way of internet offerings.  I don’t have a fresh out of the box solution for this yet, but I’m hoping to put one together that will a) let Property Managers keep their vacancy down, and b) get their tenants the bandwidth they need to grow.  If YOU are a Property Manger that would be willing to give me an hour of your time in exchange for a cup of coffee, piece of Pie ( or both), let me know.

Thats all I have for now! I’d love get some feedback, comments, questions or suggestions. Email me directly at or drop me a line here